change your mind...

about your body image

change your mind...

about how you feel

Change Your Mind…

About how you feel on the mat. Ever notice how traditional uniforms seem to add ten pounds or more to even the smallest body frame? Women are not just smaller men and we deserve uniforms that are comfortable, fit our bodies and make us feel good. Because they’re specifically made to fit a woman’s shape, in Ddal Gear martial arts uniforms you’ll feel great about how you look as you do while practicing on the mat.

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Nicole S., Fayetteville, GA.

The Ddal uniform allowed for the curves of a woman’s body without being too much material. I actually felt more confident with myself, that when standing on a mat with a wall of mirrors, Ddal would make me look awesome, even if whatever I’d just done in front of people wasn’t the best lol! I can’t wait to order these and wear them!